Feòrag Lodge - making a booking

To book your stay at Feòrag Lodge, first please check availability, then contact us with the details of your enquiry. If you wish you can attach the Booking Request Form (PDF or Word) which will speed things up. We'll then liaise directly with you.

Terms and Conditions Please read our Terms and Conditions PDF before making your reservation.
Pets We love dogs - indeed most pets - but we regret that we cannot allow them in the lodge. Some folk suffer from allergies and we know from our own home how tough it can be to keep a friendly dog or cat off carpets and furniture. The countryside around the lodge offers lots of opportunities for stream wallowing and other activities much loved by pets. We want our guests to arrive to clean, fresh smelling accommodation ... we hope you understand!
Electricity An electricity allowance of £25 per week or part thereof is included in the rate. At the end of your stay, the meter will be read and the cost of any excess electricity will be deducted from your deposit.
Babies and Toddlers We are happy to provide a cot with mattress on a complimentary basis but request you bring your own bedding.
  Feòrag Lodge in the glorious Argyll Forest Park and the Cowal Peninsula